Our Edge

Nurturing Minds

We believe that children are individuals with high potential with a mind and language of their own. Our educators design the curriculum to nurture their potential so that each one can blossom and grow. As children work through problems and ideas, they are encouraged to depict their understanding, using many different representations.

Platform for the future

Parents feel anxious as they gear up their children for the beginning of formal education at the primary level. Graduating from a friendly pre-school to a formal primary school without any preparation can intimidate children and hamper their social skills. At our schools, our broad and balanced program prepares a child to face the challenges of primary education. We ensure strong overall moral, social, emotional and physical development, converting a child from a fledgling toddler to a confident, inquisitive and enthusiastic citizen of the world. Children grow to feel independent, secure and empowered with high self-esteem and a lifelong love for learning. With our support the usually worrisome transition period can be a time of adventure and fun for a child.

Parents as partners

Parents are child's first teachers and they need to be involved in every aspect of early childhood education. A school cannot contribute to the learning outcomes of children in isolation and needs active participation by the parents.

At KINGDOM OF KIDS parents are a vital component of our pre-school. We view parents as our parteners, advocates and collaborators. We are sensitive to their needs and focus on establishing strong and respectful relationships.

Stimulating Environment

We believe that the environment is the third teacher. Our pre-school environment is rich and carefully resources to stimulate learning and development in young children. We offer immense opportunities for children to learn and grow by creating environments that are rich with provocations. Children are encouraged to engage with a range of materials and resources that extend and challenge their thinking.

Our pre-schools are housed in specially renovated premises with child-safe interiors, child-friendly furniture and amenities. The entire premises have been designed to enhance a child's learning journey, making it a joyful experience.

Our pre-schools are spacious and aesthetically designed to invite learning, observation and exploratation. Our calm and soothing interiors help children settle down into the pre-school environment without discomfort. As children have an amazing ability to absorb knowledge and make meaning from their surroundings, a thought-provoking environment is crucial for learning and holistic development.

Strong Foundation

  • We at KINGDOM OF KIDS will improve a child's focus and eye coordination so he/she can concentrate.
  • We will supercharge children's ability so they can learn letters and words quickly and effectively, RETAINING these words forever.
  • We will improve their writing and pencil control so that colouring is easy and as they enter school, ideas will flow quickly and easily when they are writing.
  • We will improve a child's eye movements so he/she will avoid skipping, mixing up or misreading words and lines.
  • We will increase children's confidence when approaching gross motor, reading and writing.It will also add to their love of reading.
  • We will improve eye movement and hand-eye control and help their sporting ability, including catching and hitting!

Instilling Values

Most parents want their children to grow up with strong set of moral values, or "character". Instilling morals in children can help them become polite and respectful. We teach values to children not just by talking to them; It's done by the way of songs, drama, role-play, stories, and puppet shows every day.